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Hercules Universal DJ, PC/Mac, iOS/Android (4780773)

Hercules Universal DJ, PC/Mac, iOS/Android (4780773)
DJ console UNIVERSAL od Hercules je kompletní mixážní pult se všemi funkcemi, které DJs potřebují.
Nabízí možnost využití 3 základních režimů připojení:
PC / Mac, Smartphone a Tablet, at již drátové(USB) nebo bezdrátově (bluetooth).
Základem je dvojice mixovacích ploten, audio vstup a výstup, výstup na sluchátka a nechybí ani mnoho ovládacích prvků
Můžete ovládat mixážní plotny, přehrávet a mixovat hudbu, atd. DJ console Univerzal se dá snadno přenášet, díky kompaktním rozměrům.
Tento exkluzivní DJ pult UNIVERSAL vám umožnuje kombinovat pult s vaším počítačem, smartphonem nebo tabletem.
Nabízí možnost využití jedinečný DJ software a aplikaci DJUCED.
Připojte se přes některý z těchto 3 režimů a to pomocí USB, nebo bezdrátově pomocí Bluetooth.
Tím získáte možnost i dálkového ovládání například z tanečního parketu.
Laptop režim - PC / Mac (usb dratové připojení):
s tímto klasickým připojením můžete využívat všechny funkce mixážního pultu a výkonný DJ software DJUCED 40 °
MULTISCREEN režim - PC / Mac iOS / Android (usb připojení, nebo bluetooth):
V tomto režimu můžete využít všechny funkce mixažního pultu na vašem notebooku (USB připojení) plus požijte váš Smartphone(Bluetooth® připojení) s DJUCED™ Master aplikací, která je dostupná na iOS a Android. Tím získáte další ovládací prvky do vašeho mixu a také možnost dálkového ovládání i z tanečního parketu.
Režim Tablet - iOS / Android (bluetooth):
V tomto režimu můžete vše ovládat bezdrátově pomocí aplikace DJUCED app.
Ovládací prvky:
2x Capacitive Jog Wheel
3-Band EQ
8 Pads / 4 modes
Browse Encoder
Transport Buttons Play / Cue / SYNC
Pitch Fader
Volume Fader
Modes Display 1 controller. 3 Modes
Minimální systémové požadavky:
2GHz CPU or Faster / 2GB RAM or more Windows Vista, 7, 8 (32 & 64 bits)
MAC OSX 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 (32 & 64 bits)
DJUCED Master:
iOS 7 and higher / Bluetooth® 4.0 iPhone 4S or higher, iPod Touch 5 and higher, iPad mini, iPad 3 and higher, AndroidTM 4.0 and higher / Bluetooth® 3.0
Check your device compatibility here: web page in creation
iOS 7 and higher / Bluetooth® 4.0 iPad mini, iPad 3 and higher AndroidTM 4.0 and higher / Bluetooth® 3.0
Check your device compatibility here: web page in creation
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Onkyo A-9010 Black

Onkyo A-9010 Black

Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Enter the World of Pure Hi-Fi

The A-9010 introduces high-current WRAT power at its most affordable price ever. Bring all your digital and analog sources to life thanks to the generous selection of digital and analog audio inputs, built-in phono equalizer, and quality Wolfson® DAC. As the latest addition to Onkyo’s range of Pure Hi-Fi separates, the A-9010 is engineered with sound quality as the foremost priority. Inside the chassis are discrete low-impedance amplifiers, an extruded aluminum heat sink, and audio-grade capacitors designed to support high current delivery with low distortion. Other high-value inclusions such as the independent headphone amplifier, gold-plated transparent speaker posts, and chunky knobs for volume, tone, and input selection mark this as a high-quality product. Whether you’re giving in to a vinyl addiction, discovering the possibilities of Hi-Res Audio, or just want an amp that’s versatile enough for a bit of everything—from big TV sound on movie night to CDs on Sunday morning—then this is the product for you.

More Digital and Analog Connections
The A-9010 features 192 kHz/24-bit-capable coaxial and 96 kHz/24-bit optical inputs to accept Hi-Res, lossless, or compressed audio signals from source devices including PCs and media streamers. Digital inputs let you explore the world of computer audio, send the sound from your TV to the amp and speaker system, or allow the A-9010’s high-quality Wolfson® D/A conversion stage to take over when playing compact discs.

Separate Headphone Amplification Circuitry
Live it up even when you gotta keep it down. The A-9010 includes an independent headphone amplifier powerful enough to drive your high-impedance cans with a sound signature that’s clear and detailed. Thanks to the digital inputs and Wolfson DAC, you can plug in your PC and enjoy stadium-sized sound without bothering anyone.

Enjoy Pure Analog Playback of Vinyl Records
Unlike many stereo amps in this price range, the A-9010 features a built-in MM phono equalizer, allowing you to connect up a turntable—we think our CP-1050 is the perfect choice—and enjoy your record collection with dynamic and engaging analog sound. When an incoming analog signal is detected, the receiver automatically shuts down the digital circuitry to prevent interference so you can enjoy clear and detailed sound.

Authentic High-Fidelity Amplification System
When it comes to sound quality, amperage (current) is more important than wattage. Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) uses high current to maintain precise control of the speaker drivers for accurate and musical audio reproduction, from the most delicate piano passages to an orchestra in full flight. To achieve this, the A-9010 features a large EI transformer and audio-grade capacitors with an extruded aluminum heat sink to keep the amps cool. The amplifier circuits have discrete low-impedance output stages with heavy-duty transistors for instantaneous power and low distortion, while closed ground-loop circuits help to minimize noise. Together, these technologies deliver detailed, full-bodied sound whether you’re listening to compressed digital music or a vinyl record.

Wolfson Digital-to-Analog Converter
The A-9010 features the same high-quality Wolfson WM8718 DAC unit as its bigger brother, the A-9050, which sits just below our Reference models in the Pure Hi-Fi amplifier range. Capable of decoding PCM signals to 192 kHz and 24-bit resolution, the WM8718 is noted for its low out-of-band noise performance and ability to create beautifully open and airy analog sound from digital sources.

Quality Construction Equals Better Performance
The A-9010’s chassis is designed to isolate the audio signal from vibrations that cause interference during the amplification process. Another highlight is the gold-plated and banana-plug-compatible speaker posts with transparent screw-type knobs.The speaker terminals are connected to the amp circuitry inside the receiver via thick speaker plates rather than speaker relays to preserve signal integrity. The A-9010 pleases every sense, with sweet proportions and proper knobs for volume, bass/treble, and input selection that look and feel like they belong on a more expensive amplifier.

Control Your System with One Remote
Remote Interactive (RI) terminals let you operate other compatible audio components (such as a CD player or tuner) in your system using a single remote control. RI capability also adds functionality when Onkyo’s DS-A5 RI Dock for iPod is connected to another component, including System On/Off, Auto Power On, and Auto Selector.

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